Desperate Hiring

I have been following Nick Corcodilos’ blog “Ask The Headhunter” for the last few years.

His current blog entry truly resonated with me. Why? Because I have seen employers and clients make some monumentally bad hiring decisions. Someday, ask me about my client who was finishing his day at the office when he was visited by local police officers looking for an employee who was wanted for sex crimes. Then, there is the client who discovered that his production foreman was selling cocaine to the other employees.

Nick’s blog starts with a hiring manager who asks the question: “Hiring great people is a noble goal but it raises two challenges, how to attract candidates with those rare, valuable qualities into your pipeline, and how to identify them in the interview process when everyone is telling you how talented, motivated, curious and ethical they are…”

Nick begins his reply with “Let’s talk about two fatal flaws in the entire recruiting/hiring process. First, we try to attract people when we need them. That limits us to cold, calculated, rushed recruiting methods that don’t work well.”

To read the entire blog, which I highly recommend, go to: Yada, Yada, Yada: Desperate Hiring

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