Industry Experience

I have had the pleasure of seeing the inside of literally hundreds of companies during my career.  As a result, I have gained experience in a wide variety of industries.

Industry experience is an important component in looking for a financial executive, but it is not the only component.  It is not even the most important.  As a percentage of the overall skills required to do the job of a Chief Financial Officer, industry knowledge is considerably less than half of the picture. 

The real skill to look for is the financial skill and experience, the knowledge of business, a sound base in accounting, and more than everything, the ability to interpret financial data to make sound business decisions.  With that grounding, an experienced financial executive can learn a new industry very quickly.

Here is a sampling of industries in which I have experience. For more information, please contact me.

  • Affordable Housing (construction & management)
  • Aviation (aircraft service & fueling, fixed base operator – aircraft rental & instruction)
  • Banking & Finance
  • Classical Music Performance (major symphony orchestra, small performance groups, music presenting group)
  • Construction (commercial & residential general contractors & sub-contractors)
  • Film Industry
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Importing & Exporting (construction materials & tools, women’s clothing)
  • Land Development (commercial & residential)
  • Manufacturing (pleasure boats, steel fabrication, printing presses, jewelry, aircraft subassemblies)
  • Moving & Storage (local & worldwide)
  • Not for Profit (churches, social serivce organizations)
  • Printing (trade printers, retail print shop)
  • Professional Services (engineers, accountants, construction consultants and inspectors)
  • Retail (art gallery, wine shop, auto dealer, outdoor clothing & equipment)
  • Trucking (local & long distance)
  • Wholesale (construction materials, jewelry, beer/wine/distilled spirits distributer, oil & gasoline distribution)

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