Since 1985, Dennis has been president of two successful business consulting practices, providing executive, operational and financial advisory services to a wide variety of clients.

Prior to forming his own firm, Chief Financial Officer and Controller in private industry. Along with the depth of business experience, Mr. Purvine possesses an uncanny ability with numbers. They are never a jumble to him. He sees them in coherent structures and shapes that make real business sense.
His business focus is operations and his passion is helping his clients enhance their businesses and make more money. Highly organized and structured, he has brought coherence to many client operations.

Mr. Purvine’s experience includes:

  • Acting as peer-level, executive sounding board to help clients address critical strategic concerns.
  • Alerting clients to potential issues and providing effective solutions to business problems.
  • Helping clients evaluate and acquire new companies.
  • Guiding clients through the selection, acquisition, and effective installation of business computer application systems.
  • Serving as Director on many client Boards.
  • Working closely with clients on business succession plans to ensure the continuity of the business in the event of their death or illness.
  • Many, many more………

 Mr. Purvine brings a number of personal qualities to his work. These include keen intelligence, an insatiable desire to keep learning new things, a love of business, an unshakeable conviction to the highest level of ethics, and a dedication to the success of his clients.