“As we approached the time our incumbent CFO would be departing we again turned to CFO Selections to fill the void temporarily while the search for a permanent replacement continued. We could not have been happier with Dennis Purvine. He stepped right into the role and took on all of our challenges as if he were our permanent CFO, all the while drawing praise from our Executive Director and the Board. Dennis is currently working closely with and transitioning all projects to our new CFO. Having CFO Selections immediately available to us for continuity in the CFO seat was a life saver.”

Bob Lowy, VP HR, Seattle Symphony


“Dennis, every time I meet with you, I make money.”

George Lamb, President, Cascade Geotechnical, Inc.


“Not only was working with Next Step Solutions valuable in terms of assistance and knowledge, but more importantly, Next Step’s advice helped me to make the right decision for me and my company.”

Jason Weiler, President, All-Wall Equipment Co.


“…you have an excellent understanding of how computers can be used effectively in business.”

Bill McJohn, Director, non-profit client board and Microsoft, ret.


I believe your business expertise contributed significantly to the financial strength of the company.”

Nancy Hansen, Chief Operating Officer, J.R. Four, Ltd.


“Our companies have been clients of Dennis Purvine for more than 25 years. We use his experience and knowledge all the time, and consider him to be a vital part of our management team.”

Grant Beck., Chief Executive Officer, ConverTech Inc.

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